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  • Question: Can You Download Sniperspy For Free?
  • Answer: I couldn’t find a free copy of SniperSpy Anwhere “Not The Real Version Any Way” I have searched and searched in the past and nothing so be careful you don’t get scammed with promises of a Free Version. (See my Solution below).
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Why I Needed To Download Sniperpy To Save My Relationships At Work And At Home?

Revealed – If you have looked at my who am I section on this site you will notice that I have a business and a couple of full time employees working for me outside of my office in other parts of the world and that for that exact reason, I needed to be able to check on what my employees were doing..

  • How My Worries Were Started - My employees all working overseas and each week would send me an invoice. That was all good and well, they needed to get paid. But how was i to know how long they were spending actually doing the work? Was i just to trust them? I needed to know, I used Sniperspy to sneakily download onto their computer imbedded into a word document so when they opened it. It would install on their computer all under the radar. I had NO idea how many hours they were doing (not for certain). I needed something I could install on their computer (without them knowing) so I could monitor what they were doing when they said they were doing it. That’s when i found SniperSpy.

If we were all in an office here it would be easy I could just peak over their shoulder and see what it was they were doing but they were in another location.

  • That’s when my search started - In the beginning I searched for weeks to find a free Computer Tracking Software  I could download & Install on their computer. I found one eventually but the virus destroyed up my computer. After a week or two repairing my computer I thought I’d buy one and test it out. That I did and ended up spending all up around $400 trying different ones but now suited my needs. Lucky they all were backed with 30 day money back guarantees. After all of the bad luck I decided to try one last  product which i heard only good things about reading through some other sniperspy reviews and I haven’t looked back. It has not only helped me at work but at home it’s great to see what my spouse and children are up to online. Seeing as though social media is a phase we have to accept we want to know if they are still doing and saying the right things. If they aren’t simple. Sniperspy can block applications on a computer. Not only that but also block websites using the website restriction settings.
  • The conclusion On SniperSpyLong story Short I found a program that works. You can read all about the features and benefits In my Sniperspy Download Benefits section. << Click That Link To Read All The Features and benefits I liked about Sniperspy.

“Sniperspy Is The Best PC Spying Software That I Have Ever Purchased, It Has Helped My family. And Is Keeping My Eployees in Line! Without a Remote Spying Software like The Sniperspy Download I probably would still be wandering if I was being either Ripped Off Or Cheated On or lied to – It’s Just Good to Know!”

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You may be wondering why I was bothered to write this review site about the SniperSpy Download.

Well to be quite honest it is mainly because I was desperate a few years back suffering from anxiety and people taking advantage of their employment situation with me and it was taking it’s toll on me so when i finally found a program that put my mind at rest I thought I would let other people know so they can find the same relief I found.

At the time when I was desperate searching for differing spy programs like SniperSpy I couldn’t find any decent honest reviews. I swore to myself after months of trialing different software, I would write a review about SniperSpy so others don’t have to go through all the other junk that is out there.

I enjoy using and still enjoy using SniperSpy to achieve many different goals! Watch the Video Here to check out all Sniperspy’s features

  • 1 is to track what my employees do online they are all now aware that is on there so it saves me checking it all the time and they don’t do anything suspicious.
  • 2 my kids have better grades now because I have limited their use of social platforms and applications + I set the program to shutdown the PC at a certain time so they have nothing to do besides go to bed. Works quite well.

Learn more about SniperSpy by checking out this article.

I nearly spent over $400, trying different spying software out there; as you know there is no where you can get a free software that works quite like SniperSpy so I was constantly buying & testing out different spy programs. I mean some work quite well but nothing compares to SniperSpy.

I am 100% happy with SniperSpy so had to write a review about it.

I hope this SniperSpy review website has helped you make your decision clear about purchasing SniperSpy. Unfortunately you can’t download SniperSpy for free I am sorry about that but if you have some money to spare even if it’s for a month or two until you weave out all the bugs out of your work and family life it is well worth it but as said in the previous post there is not a free version of I couldn’t find a free SniperSpy download anywhere.

Instead of being able to download sniperspy free there is a type of free live trial available. So if you want you can see the link below which will allow you to get Spybubble for $39 not the usual $89. If you go to the Official Sniperspy Website and click on the Demo Tab at the top of the page you can see exactly how it all Works – Live.

SNIPERSPY Full Review – What is SNIPERSPY?

Ok here’s what Sniperspy is all about. Sniperspy is basically a unique remote PC spy program that once installed remotely or manually it enables you to monitor any activity done on the computer it has been installed on (which you can do remotely as well), watch what their doing realtime, block websites and applications, turn it on and off at certain times, record chat messages, access emails and much much more.

Its the sort of software that has many different uses, for example my situation where I was struglling with believing my employees were actually working. Some people may be struggling with believing their kids are actually working late doing homework.

“In Short The Sniperspy Download Gives You Full Access To The Truth About Your Spouse, Employees or Teenagers, with Simple Setup And Mutliple Spying Options. Sniperspy Stands Out From The Rest As A Unique & Complete Remote PC Spying Software”

Click here to Download SniperSpy From The Official Sniperspy Website :)

Sniperspy Download – Benefits with Sniperspy

Okay well to be honest in my opinion Spinperspy was great to put an end to losing sleep worrying and hours stressing on why this and that is and isn’t happening at work or why my kids are getting these certain grades or why my Missus was being shady on the computer. It was great to put my mind at ease. Sniperspy really put a stop to the anxiety I had in all areas of my life. My fatherhood my lively hood (at work) and with my girlfriend.

You can read a bit about my story here.

  • The main benefit for me – I have 3 employees in the shop and without Sniperspy I wouldn’t be able to tell if they were getting paid what they should. I never had to worry after I bought Sniperspy and installed it on their PC’s. I found out which employees were getting paid what they should and which needed to be fired for lying to my face and goofing off at work. Now I have a profitable business with no funny business going on! The best part for me was It was untraceable. They had no idea it was on their computer which was what made this software work.
  • A good example - I have 3 employees at work, working for me in my pool shop and often times I would have to leave the shop to make a delivery. Each and every time before Sniperspy I had this suspicion my workers were getting up to stuff while I wasn’t there. Unrelated work stuff! Every time I came back I would have to ask them why this and that hasn’t been done yet? It was getting on my nerves. Because I felt like I was paying them for goofing around and there wasn’t much I could do without proof! Sniperspy allowed me to see what they were doing while I wasn’t there!

Whether you are suspecting your husband or wife is up to some dirty or suspicious stuff online or if your employees are doing what they are supposed to or what your child is doing – with Sniperspy you can control all of this.

copy_copy_snipermacI personally loved the software so much which is why I created this site to Sniperspy download to give you an idea and all the ins and outs of this program so you too can take control and put your mind at rest and end all the worrying and bust the people that are lying to you! I will continue to use Sniperspy for all it’s purposes I have uninstalled it from my wifes computer now as she wasn’t up to anything besides online shopping which I wasn’t aware about and she didn’t want me to see she was doing that haha!

I did think she was doing otherwise though ! So Thank you Sniperspy!

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The Sniperspy Download – Stuff I Didn’t Like too Much About Sniperspy

Hey, hey again back at Sniperspy download. I want to try and give you all you need to know when looking at downloading sniperspy PC monitoring software. So what I have done is listed a few things about Sniperspy that I didn’t quite enjoy. The list isn’t all that long and it took a while for me to come up with these points because I had to think pretty darn hard to try and remember the frustrating points that disappointed me because Sniperspy is one of the best softwares I gave come across when it comes to remote PC spying. So to be fair here are a few of the points that weren’t so good about sniperspy which I experienced:

  • It isn’t a one time fee. You have to buy a 1/3/6 or 12 month licence. But then again I just bought 12 months because it wasn’t that expensive compared to other spying programs so I had a year to install in on different computers.
  • Because the software has soo many settings I was overwhelmed at first with all the buttons but didn’t take long to master.
  • I didn’t like the fact that it had no blocking capabilities but they brought out an update and now has more blocking capabilities then you can poke a stick at.

Again I think Sniperspy did really well with creating a great piece of PC spying software that now allows you to block applications and block the actual use of the computer at certain times. Each and every product it is safe to say that it involves such high technology so you can expect hiccups along the way. But due to how long this has been available and the company’s reputation and experience with different spying software they have been able to keep ontop of it and honestly I have found ZERO technical issues with sniperspy and that is the difference between this and any other PC monitoring software on the market today!

Please remember if Sniperspy is not performing the way you expect it would or isn’t what you were looking for then to your satisfaction your purchase is backed with a money back guarantee so you can request your money back at any time.

Sniperspy download – stuff I liked about Sniperspy

Howdy, Coop here again I thought I would be brief here and explain to you everything of which I liked about sniperspy. I found there to be a lot of good points about sniperspy but I have listed them in a bullet point format to show which ones stand out to me for the purpose of this Sniperspy download review webpage.

Here they are:

  • It’s by far the best PC monitoring software found anywhere in the market today. Works on mac and windows!
  • Remote install – install software straight on their computer using a simple file you create or you can do it locally.
  • Real Time Screen Viewer – watch the monitor like a TV and catch them out Live!!
  • You can set times that the user can and cannot use the computer. If you don’t want your children on the computer late at night this is perfect!
  • Block programs, apps, instant messaging chat programs, websites and social media website being used on the computer.
  • Records any activity they might be doing on the computer, facebook logs, myspace logs, all entries copied and pasted, all websites they type in + how much time they spend on each site.
  • Works on any platform, Windows 7, 8 xp, vista and mac
  • Remote uninstall
  • It’s able to display graphs of the most accessed URLs, applications, web searches and more.
  • You can set whether or not the remote user will be notified they are being monitered
  • Easy to follow Setup Instructions, registration and Activation
  • Nice & cheap Starting from $39.00 + Discounts if you pay for longer
  • Installs on any computer or laptop!
  • Can use it anywhere you just need to logon to a webaddress and you can see what they are doin.

Sniperspy Download: My Final Thoughts

Hi and welcome back to my Sniperspy download website.

I thought I would just reveal to you my final thoughts on Sniperspy for you. Sniperspy, if I were to sum it up in a couple of words it would be it would “like a charm,” it has put my mind at ease now and I can stop worrying trying to figure out if my employees are doing what they are supposed to, my son is no longer up to anything sus on his computer and he’s getting better grades and has more focus, and I know my girlfriend isn’t cheating or chatting to other guys either! So it’s a Win Win Win!

Sniperspy is awesome and does exactly what it says it would do,I simply like it because it has live screen capturing, full chat transcriptions, live keystrokes (what they are typing in) and reports showing what programs they were using what websites they were on and how long for etc.. so you can see where program or website they are spending most of their time. Everything they do, you will be able to see with this PC monitoring software! Is there a child you are worried about or a cheating spouse or an employee you want to see what they are getting up to? SniperSpy will be able to tell you all!

Personally, I would certainly recommend Sniperspy as your first and only option and definitely not your last as this is what happened to me. I spent TOO much time and MONEY mucking around with bogus software before finding this one! So don’t make the same mistake I did. Learn from my mistakes and choose a program that works and is reliable! I’m glad I found Sniperspy and you should be too!

There is a link beneath this paragraph I suggest you click through to download sniperspy, it’s basically explains details of the sniperspy product from their official website. Click the link below and grab SniperSpy at the discounted price.

Download Sniperspy Here